Missing property

I never saw a public auction or offering of the pool table.

I know one of our members spent his own coin buying cues, balls, and a rack for the thing.

Are we still entertaining the idea that it’s ok to sell property off outside of our current regulations and guidelines ?

Devin, I’m not sure what pool table you’re talking about. Can we please sit down and discuss your concerns?

The small round billiard table that is no longer at makeICT or at least I can’t find it anywhere.

Have you talked with @d673mendoza about it? He’s the lead for the lounge area, so he should probably know if something has happened with it. Other than that I think @David was talking about refurbishing it, but this was many months ago, so I have no idea of the current state of those plans. Other than that, I have no idea what the status is, or how to use the thing for that matter.


You simply calculate the intended trajectory of the white ball to ensure it intersects with a colored or striped ball (depending on which team) with the intention of putting the nonwhite balls in the holes in the table.

Hopefully someone is putting more holes in the table to make the game easier.

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@Frank generously donated a replacement… let’s try to not misplace this one! :smiley: