Missing mallet

I took the mallet making class on Saturday and left the project in the shop for the glue to dry. When I came back in to work on it, it was gone. I would really appreciate whoever took it, to bring it back and pay for your own class.

If you can tell us where it was, when you last saw it, and when you noticed it was missing we can probably figure out where it went.

Doug put it in the space next to the jointer Saturday evening to dry. I came in Tuesday morning to work on it and it was gone. I sent Doug a note asking if he had moved it but so far have not received a reply from him.

Doug says he put it on the back table. I looked there and didn’t see it but I’ll go in and look again.

Alright, well let me know if you find it. Otherwise I’ll check when I’m over there.

I’ll be down there in a while as well, and will take a look around.

Found. Thanks Doug.