Millright M3 tabletop CNC for sale

Hi folks, I’m with a nonprofit here in town and we bought a small CNC/miller to try and engrave some aluminium membership cards with. The machine works pretty great, but unfortunately due to the size of text on the cards, is very difficult to use to make the very small and very precise engravings necessary for the cards to look good. As such we’re trying to turn it around and recoup some of the costs spent with it. I’ve attached an imgur gallery here with a couple pictures, and if anyone wants some more/wants to take a closer look, definitely can. It’s a Millright M3 with the rigidity and homing kit options, after tax and shipping it was a little over $600. We also bought some small 1/8th inch v and boring bits as well as a 1/4th shank 90 degree v bit, plus some mounting tape and WD40, which would just all be tossed into the package as well. It is of course already built and was functioning pretty good: the only thing of note is the y homing switch came reversed, which I’m looking into how to fix but as the homing kit is optional, doesn’t change the actual operation of the machine. Looking for a clean $600 if at all possible, but negotiation is always available.

Thank’s y’all.