Metalshop Meetup - 9/1

So, tonight’s playtime turned into some great constructive brainstorming!

We successfully tested the sandblaster tonight and managed to sandblast all the parts people brought in. Unfortunately, we found that the bag house is absolutely necessary for extended use of the machine despite how quickly we were able to blast parts.

Instead of putting the bag house outside, we found a creative way to move it inside while also possibly clearing up some space in the metalshop. It’s going to be chaotic tomorrow…

We’re going to repeat what was done in the woodshop and take down the ventilator and most of the soffit. Then we would turn that lofted space into even more storage for powders, and hopefully clearing out a large amount of the powders on the current pallet shelf. While we wouldn’t be able to move all the powders to the lofted area, this would allow us to free up lower pallet shelves that we might be able to partially remove and turn into a either a project table or work space.

We’ll probably be getting the chaos of the hot-shop remodel tomorrow at 10am. Feel free to come join us or check out the progress!

Thank you to everyone that came out and had fun this evening!


Looks like it has infinitely better lighting

It will probably have even better lighting soon once we finish reorganizing the hot shop.