Metalshop Classes

What classes are you guys looking for the most from the metalshop?

…and what days and times work best for you guys?

I will have a few safety classes in the next couple weeks as well as start teaching classes on the lathes.

As a heads up, I am imposing a bit of BYOPPE in the metalshop. We have safety glasses, ear muffs, and disposable ear plugs, but I highly recommend bringing your own safety glasses, ear muffs and/or welding cap/dew rags/bandanas. I’m tracking down some cheap bandanas, but if you want something more fashionable or cushioned, you’ll probably want to bring your own.

If you are planning on welding and want to use one of the auto-darkening helmets at MakeICT, please bring that welding cap, dew rag, or bandana. You’re probably going to want something between your head and the sweat band that was on someone else’s head.


Right now I need the basic safety class to be authorized in the shop.


is there a day/time that works best for you?

Any time, I would also like a welding class when there is one. Learned to weld 50 some years ago but that was with a stick welder and with an acetylene rig.


Lathe would be cool. Never used even a wood one, but always been fascinated by them!

Other than that, we need to get a forge in there. :slight_smile:

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I would like lathe authorization and would be happy to retake the mill class. I am a current CNC machinist with past experience on manual lathes. Evenings
and weekends work best for me.

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I am interested in the lathe instruction and weekday evenings work best for me. Thanks!

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Plasma cutter is all I got left oh and tormac.
But really want the cnc plasma cutter

Being new to the space, I need/want all of them including the initial cert to use the room

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I’d like, in this order of preference:

  1. Basic Metal Shop Safety class so I can enter the shop.
  2. Manual Mill
  3. Lathe refresher
  4. Plasma cutter

Saturdays during daytime, weeknights usually work best for me.

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I’d love to learn the plasma cutter


Classes for Woodturning in the Wood Shop will be scheduled starting in January! Stay Tuned.


Me, too. Refresher safety orientation for existing members is also a good idea, as it’s easy to forget some things if you don’t practice them frequently.

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I have a metalshop class on the calendar for Saturday, Jan 2nd at 1pm.

Looks like there will be a jewelry class on the 3rd at 1pm.

I’ll try to schedule another one for Monday or Thursday at 5pm


Is that just for the qualification for the space or will it include things like welding tools?

There will be separate classes for the welders and CNC machines. I should have some signage up in the next week or two that say ‘authorization required’

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I need a refresher!

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Until Mid-March, I work until 530 PM each week night. I live within about 10 minutes of the shop, so could I start a little later if you start your weeknight class at 5?