Metal Shop Status?

Hello, haven’t been in this month, is the metal shop up and running?
Plasma Table Ready?
Have some yard stuff I want to sell for spring.

Based on what Rusty posted yesterday, it looks like the air lines for those machines have not been installed quite yet.

Ok, I also have the parts to build a knife grinder, that I wanted to get together on building.

sounds like you have a couple of cool projects lined up.

I will be teaching a safety class at 6pm tonight, but will be up at about 5:30 to get things moving on the air compressor. The ingersoll rep had some good suggestions on how to improve our system and how to future proof it… but I think it’s going to take some more drilling into cinderblock to make happen…

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Tell me more about this knife grinder you want to set up. I have some use for it

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Um well that’s for my home shop. But no I am basically Duplicating a TW-90 From Travis works. Have my contact wheels, bearing wheels, flat grind brackets all line up. Goin to use a double set of Tubing for the main body and plasma a set 90 flip brackets. Gotta get my motor and Speed controller still. But I am setting it up for 10 inch contact wheel, 8 inch and 4 inch. With an 8 inch flat grind plate. Also going to design a serration jig for the little mini contact wheel. I also want to build a flat grinder that will be on 72 x 4 belt but have an 24 inch horizontal flat plate and magnetic holder to be able to flat grind my steel for clean up and scale removal.

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