Metal shop Fab Class anyone?

Thinking of putting together a metalshop fab class and am wanting some feedback. The idea is to make a square tubing step stool, coffee table, side table, etc. We would saw cut or cnc plasma cut the parts out then weld them it together. Class would teach/show basic steel fabrication techniques and everyone would get to build their own item. Class size would be 3 and cost $50, materials included. Should i make it with a plasma option or no? Here are the options i am thinking of

option 1 - saw cut square tubing, fab, and weld. The two requirements would be any of the welding certs and safety class. This would be a computer-less class and more hands on fab (welding sticks together to build a frame)
option 2 - fusion 360, plasma cut, weld - would need three requirements for this one (cert, welding and plasma) This would require a laptop setup with with fusion and be more computer heavy with less welding/fab as everything would slot together and just need a few stitch welds to hold it all together.



I prefer option 1 but will do either. Thanks.

I would be interested in either option.

I would prefer option 1.

I think this class is a great idea. Regarding the two options, if you want it to be a one session class, I would go with option #1. Option #2 has a lot of merit too, but I believe that you would spend so much time getting everyone up to speed and following along on the 3D modeling portion that you wouldn’t hardly have time for the actual fabrication part of it. Now if you wanted to do a two session thing, where the first session is only about the design and modeling, and the second session is the actual fabrication, that might work.

Alrighty option one it is! The class will be June 25th. Feel free to sign up once it gets posted (should show up shortly) Their are only three spaces and it will be offered once for now, maybe more if it fills up.

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I hope it is offered again. I would like to do it, but I will be out of town that week.

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due the technical issues setting up classes the fab class is being offered on the 27th of August. All three slots are currently available.


I would do option 1 at this time.