Metal casting instruction?

Hi there, While I don’t make jewelry, I do make fountain pens and I’m wanting to start adding metal accents to my pens. And part of this will require me to cast (wax and PLA).

See pic for reference.

Is there someone who can teach me this process? I’d be willing to pay for their time!

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I can help you learn the basics. I dont have a ton of experience, but enough to get you started. I made my wedding ring last summer at the shop.

Do you have time Monday or tuesday we could meet?

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Thank you for getting back with me. Tuesday, tomorrow night works really good for me. Say 6:00 pm?

My number if you want to call or text is 785-338-0927.

I’m so sorry, but I forgot what my schedule was this week! Tuesday night is no good for me as I have supper plans with my fiancee and some friends from my church. Tonight (Monday) or Thursday night, or even Friday night would work great, however. Sorry for the mixup - I hope we can find a time that works!

I left a voicemail for you with this same information. If you get to this message first, feel free to call/text me at 417-380-8149


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we can shoot for Thurs night at 6pm does that sound okay?

I can meet you at ICT?

Yep, that will be great. Thursday at 6 it is!

Sorry again for the confusion, and thanks for being flexible