Men's bathroom toilet unplugged

I just wanted to let you know that my husband was able to get the handicap toilet unclogged tonight. He said it took a bit with the large snake but it’s done. He cleaned all the mess up as well.


What python libraries are you using?

Programming joke sorry!

That’s really awesome give him a big hug from us that’s a huge help!

I’ll have to be explained the joke sometime.
I will let him know. He thought it might have been some plaster stuck in there.:thinking:

I will gladly pass along the hug, just glad he can help!

Python is a popular programming language and you said he snaked it. Lol

Jokes aside … did that fix the women’s as well? The actual blockage is in the main line that both of them share. It has been “unclogged” a few times, and a few days later they are both blocked again.

Make him take a shower first, though.

He wasn’t told that. We will be there in a little bit. He can try and do the women’s if you think that will work.

If the men’s cleared, I am sure the women’s is fine as well now. We really appreciate anyone’s efforts. I just fear it will just plug back up without more extreme measures. Facilities is looking into renting a machine to snake out the main line.

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That makes sense. Good luck!