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I have recently gotten my card information stolen which resulted in a four figure tab. This same card was the one I had on file with MakeICT. How would I go about resetting up my account, I understand that I may not have access to the facility but I am also aware of renovations going on & was wanting to do my part in helping out.

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@treasurer @president

Sorry to hear about your card info! Hope you got everything sorted out.

You should be able to log in at and update your account. Let me know if you have any issues with that. And as long as everything goes to plan we’ll all be able to use the new building very soon, thanks to the efforts and financial support of our awesome members.


Thanks for fixing that Christian… guess I should have said @Christian

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Good Evening xFreddy! If you’d like to help move us closer to opening, please come out on Tuesdays from 6-9 pm for ReMakeICT. If you are free tomorrow (Saturday) come on over, we could really use the help!

I appreciate everyone who replied, thank you