Membership Team Meeting 3.29.21

Hello MakeICT and Membership team!
Let’s plan to meet Monday @6pm to assess our progress, and plan a strategy to grow our membership by 80 in the next couple of months. We also need to make sure we have the manpower to cover Maker Mondays and Orientations. Anyone with interest in helping is invited to attend. I look forward to seeing you all there! Thanks Paula

Hey I am interested in helping… but can’t come on Mondays… so if there is any way I can help…

Would you like this on the public MakeICT calendar?

Since I can’t be there, let me put down anything I can think of here:

  • Write up an article for local company newsletters. Textron has one for sure, probably Spirit does too. Have someone inside the company send it to the newsletter editors … they are probably looking for a good story.

  • Grand Re-Opening. Have something maker-unique… like a domino fall or chainsawing through a log instead of the typical ribbon-cutting ceremony

  • Ask each member to invite two friends to join.

  • Open House. Yes. We have Maker Mondays and that is an open house… but maybe they don’t know… we could hold this on a day that was not a Monday and catch anyone that is busy on Mondays (like me)

  • Paper flyer in the neighborhood. If you had someone willing they could knock on doors and answer questions.

  • Have someone attend the local neighborhood meeting and talk for a few minutes

  • Get a few minutes to talk at other volunteer operations (Hint: they are full of people who volunteer) BSA, Big Brothers, Girl Scouts, Knights of Columbus etc.

  • Try to get on one of the local talk shows

  • Get one of those Pancake bots and have a pancake feed

  • Make a bunch of cool free items on the laser cutter and distribute them

  • Are we filling up Maker Monday slots, do we need more?

  • See if KMUW can do interview someone

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I work for Textron and could try to get in touch with newsletter editors here, if/when an article is written.

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Speaking of workplaces - Nothing came up when I searched “corporate”, but has anything been pursued with respect to getting businesses to underwrite part of their employees’ membership? I know we have a corporate discount through work with YMCA that cuts the membership price in half but not sure if the company is actually giving YMCA anything for that. Thinking something like company pays $5-10/mo and the employee pays the remainder?

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Are there meeting notes available to read?

Yes. I have challenges getting them posted.

We can help with that lets schedule some computer time some evening next week