Membership renewal

I have not been a member for several years now. I am highly considering reactivating my membership. I still have my old badge from the old building. Would i need to go through all the classes again to use the laser, metal shop, and plasma table? I have my own small laser engraving shop at home with 3 diodes, but i need to use the C02 setup soon and would love to pop in from time to time and be apart of the makerspace again.


You should be able to pay your membership and attend the next orientation this Saturday. I will let @FabLab, @Metalshop, and @Membership chime in on what they think, usually it’s peer review with the lead to make sure you remember the rules.

You can register for orientation here MakeICT - Member Orientation

There is also some information you probably need to update on your Wildapricot account you can reach it from the website


Thank you for the reply! I will look into it.