Membership question #42

I was a member of a maker space when I lived in Utah and focused on woodworking projects and coding. Lately I have been toying with bigger projects with my 12 year old son building things we see on you tube videos (he wants to be an engineer he thinks) and I’ve gotten into tinkering with motorcycles and really want to learn metal working which I have ZERO background in. Can we both join or if he can’t , can I get a membership that will allow him to tag along?


Until he is 16, he should be a tag-along with you. (Good news that is allowed with our regular $25 membership.)


Also, we have loads of engineers … so if he has some topics he wants to explore, tell me and I will see if we can get a class or a mentor for him. (I am a mechanical engineer.)


Sorry for delayed reply. Going back and forth to old house trying to get it ready to sell. Thank you for the information. My wife and I going to try to catch one of the Monday’s soon. Her background is in textiles working in theater as a costume designer and re-creating historically accurate clothing. She also wants to learn to weld, but for artistic purposes.


He talks a lot about civil and construction engineering but he is 11. It is funny because he is sincere and he ask a lot of relevant question about topics related to both but then always caveats any discussion with “yes, that’s what I’m interested in; or being a firefighter.”

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At 11 I figured I would be a teacher or president of the US. :slight_smile:


I really think if he goes that way it will be mechanical. He recently built a hovercraft for Science Fair and is always making things like catapults or ping pong ball cannons etc. At same time he is fascinated with big civil projects so who knows.

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