Membership Pause/Renewal/Resignation ?s

I have tried to read membership info in the Wiki docs and here in the Membership & Community category.
I just want to make sure I understand the *current policy and procedures.

If I were to quit membership altogether from MakeICT what is the proper procedure?
If I were able to just suspend membership (without further payment) for a time (e.g. 3 months), what is the proper procedure?

In either event (quitting or suspension, if that is possible) what is required to restart or renew membership?

Thank you for any accurate info and clarification anyone can give.

If you want to end your membership or just suspend it for a while, all you need to do is turn off your automatic payments if you pay through PayPal. You may receive some emails notifying you that your membership is going to expire, but you can ignore those.

If you wish to restart your membership, you can restart your automatic payments again.


Well if you don’t pay us we turn off the key. If you pay us again, we turn it back on.

That’s been my understanding.

If you don’t have an active key then you don’t get to vote. But as long as you are compliant with the community rules, you can still hang out on the forum.

I believe this is still the case.


I thought you could still vote for 3mo past your membership expiration, this had been stated a few different times during the election, were the people that stated this wrong?

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Sam, you are correct. Per standing rules:

Membership will lapse after 30 days of nonpayment. Membership and voting rights will be suspended after 3 months of non-payment. To re-instate membership, pay dues for the upcoming month.


Thank you, its just hard to keep up on everything the board states and then another board member says the opposite a month later.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I thought I saw something about having to contact a leader/director and jump through some particular hoops.

Right now I am so busy and far enough away that it would be helpful, at a minimum, to at least suspend my membership, but I didn’t know if I would have to go through Orientation and Area authorizations (that I have already completed) in order to rejoin.

I didn’t know if my badge key would automatically be turned off or if I had to turn it in.

If all I have to do is cancel the PayPal autopayment to suspend membership, can anyone elaborate on how I would go about rejoining in a few months?

Thanks again for taking the time to advise.


You won’t have to repeat orientation or any of your authorizations. That will all be saved for you.

To re-join, you can log in to your account at or under the Membership tab at, and then choose to make a payment under your profile. You can also reach out to for help.


Thank you, Gemma.

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