Membership Orientation

Hi my bf and I recently became members but due to our work schedule have yet to attend an orientation. I didn’t see any on the calendar last time I checked… are there any upcoming or the possibility of doing one outside of the times usually held?


This Monday 24th is Maker Monday. Someone there will be able to help you if no one else contacts you. Maker Monday is like an orientation, well it use to be.

Oh I’ve been to a maker Monday but I was under the impression an orientation was required to be a keyed member.

You are correct. November dates were just added to the calendar. The Saturday of the 12th and Tuesday the 22nd.


You do have to go through an orientation but there are people on Maker Monday that can help with questions, answers, keys etc etc. Maker Mondays use to be orientation, they changed things. I’m not sure of all the new changes, that’s why I directed you to maker Monday if no one responded, but Malissa did.



I do see your profile, and looks like your background check has been approved. Your next step is to take a class. Any class will work, but we do require at least one class before you take your Orientation. If you are planning on using the Metalshop, there is a class Tuesday night that you could sign up for.

After you take your class, your next step is the Orientation. As Malissa mentioned, these sessions will be 11/12 and 11/22. You can find them on the calendar, and there will be a link for you to register.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us as

Thanks for your message, and welcome to MakeICT.