Membership Committee Meeting Monday 8/15

The Memberships Committee will be meeting this coming Monday in Classroom 3 at 8:00. We would like to invite anyone who would like to join the committee, as there are currently just 2 of us. We are also looking for 2 special people to serv as Chair and Secretary of the committee.

The main tasks of the Membership Committee are to host Maker Monday and Member Orientation. We also communicate with new members to help with the onboarding process, as well as members who have recently dropped their memberships.

Please consider joining this committee, your help is greatly needed!!!


I would love to help but my membership has lapsed, I’ve finally moved back full time so I need to renew everything. Will there be someone there Monday night that can re up my membership?

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Are you paying cash or reactivating your PayPal payments? As you were in good standings when you left, and have already met all requirements, all you have to do is log into your profile and renew. Then reestablish your PayPal payment, and you are all set.


Ok payment made. I will need a new card as my old one has disappeared in my move. Look forward to catching up tonight.

Email to ask for a time to coordinate getting a new badge… or show up at the end of one of the orientations.


Thank you