Member survey results

Thanks everyone who took our membership survey!

There was one question that I thought was extremely important and I want everybody in the world to see the results.

What should we be focused on this year?
(Ranked in order of importance, by average score)

1 Finding a new building (67% of you ranked this as a 4 or 5!)
2 Fundraising
3 Bylaws & policy cleanup
4 Volunteer engagement
5 Member retention
6 Cleaning/organizing
7 Front area improvements/arrangement
8 Educational program improvements
9 Improving our existing building
10 Collaborative projects (making)
11 Signage, labels and instructions
12 Classroom improvements
13 Connecting with other Wichita organizations
14 Membership growth

Oddly enough the same day I was adding all these scores up, Patrick emailed me to tell me please don’t put ceramics nights on facebook anymore, there wasn’t enough room and they had to kick people out.

So we’ll have to take some big fast steps. An actual new building will require some changes so our discussions have gotten more serious.

First, we’re realizing that our bylaws lack some structure/protections needed for anyone to loan us money or sell us a large property - so a bylaws change will have to happen, approved by 2/3 of 25% of our voting members. We can’t talk it to death, we just have to do it. I need your support.

Second, we’ll have to do some major fundraising if we want a building that matches all the wishlist things people have told me about! Stay in the “cool” part of town, double our space, PARKING. I need your support there too.

Apparently based on the #2 and #3 ranked things, you all realize this so I’m preaching to the choir.

Lots of other good stuff came out in our survey. I’d like the leaders of our organization to read everybody’s text comments, so I have it here:

This isn’t a public link, but if you request access and I know who you are I’ll likely grant it.

Thanks again,