Meeting Reminders/Updates

Hello everyone,

I am creating this forum post to send out reminders and updates about our weekly Gardening meetings. Be sure to check this post if you have any questions about the upcoming meetings.

NOTE: Reminder that meetings will be everyone Sunday at noon

At this week’s meeting, be sure to come prepared with ideas about what you want to plant. I plan on posting the resources that master gardeners gave us sometime later today on the wiki, those may help you get a better idea of what you want to plant in the event that you aren’t quite sure yet.

If you have time, consider checking out this resource: Search | Kansas State University

This is where k-state keeps all of their gardening resources.

Be there or be square…nuts…

Piper Thomas


Running late, will be there around 5 PM

I didn’t see your post, I left right at 5!

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Reminder that tomorrow we will be having our weekly meeting at noon! Hope to see you all there!


Won’t be able to make it this week or next due to family stuff

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Next week’s meeting has been moved to 10am Saturday March 30th at Hillside Feed & Seed. We’ll take a look around for local, hardy, low-maintenance perinial and annual polinators and decorative plants for the outer courtyard, move the search to Hillside Nursery, and then return to MakeICT Garden to get our finds in the ground and cook out as per usual.

If the field trip goes well maybe we can do more. It would be awesome to see,what all we can find at Dutch’s!


Garden Committee,

Reminder that we will be meeting at 12 PM tomorrow in the garden. We will focus on weeding, cleaning, and solarizing.

Additionally, we will likely be moving the cookouts to special days, although members are still encouraged to bring snacks.

Thanks, and I hope to see you all tomorrow!

Piper Thomas