Me and my suggestions

I would like to know, how many members of MakeICT would be interested in a printer lab which represents the new user, “I just bought a decent economical 3d printer” Home Experience at MakeICT available to learn on everyday.

The current setup is that of a school or print farm which is reasonable and practical in this setting. Keep improving it.

It’s also intimidating.

I’m not excluding classes but I wonder if a safe, casual self teaching arrangement might encourage some one to consider the possibilities of using this tool in your home.

Maybe put some Ender 3 or clones in the underused computer labs .Honestly the difference in these $200 machines is in the firmware and slicers now.

Maybe a DIY machine kit for the those who enjoy pleasant aggravation.

Any thoughts…

By the way, if you are good at starting worthwhile projects, the world is full of people who love to finish them.

Funny, I am in a similar situation. I have used the maker space 3d printers with some success. I have now acquired an “economical” printer and am trying to muddle my way through home setup. A class as you suggest would be helpful. While not exactly portable, student printers could be brought to the space for real time help in setup, mods, tweaks, etc. It would be a bit of a hassle for a lone instructor to be prepared for all the possible variations people may haul in.

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If there is enough interest, I would lend MakeICT 2- Voxelab Aquila, Ender 3 clones to start or until interest wanes or machines need overhauls. I might even loan a small delta.

I would request they not be donated or sold, simply returned when they have reach their end of sevice

The machines have.6 nozzles in Order to speed prints. Preferably PLA, PLA+. Save the Prusa’s for PETG and higher temp material.

You will want to talk to the folks that maintain the lab. We had a bunch of misc. printers before and chose to do a lot of similar ones to reduce maintenance.


It would seem you missed my point.

It would have been sufficiently helpful to provide the names of the Lab Maintainers, assuming they actually know it is their title and job.

Dave Miller @xrunner is the FabLab lead so oficially i charge. I bellieve Chrisitan Kindel @Christian does most of the 3D printer specific work.


I am the Fab Lab lead but I don’t use the 3d printers… I just took a class to learn and I’m the area lead because I was willing to try and help.

I’m not sure I understand the suggestion. Is it to have 3d printers with a dedicated computer so there’s no confusion as to which 3d printer is being used? Or is it a class as @J3553.T mentions?


I guess I pictured a class where students bring their printer and laptop to get through a home setup with live help. If that’s not what Bill meant, then I guess I missed his point.


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I am the Fab Lab lead but I don’t use the 3d printers… I just took a class to learn and I’m the area lead because I was willing to try and help.

I’m not sure I understand the suggestion. Is it to have 3d printers with a dedicated computer so there’s no confusion as to which 3d printer is being used? Or is it a class as @J3553.T mentions?

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For any area, if you have a suggestion, you can always get with the lead for the area. For the fablab area, if you are wanting to make sure they get the post … just add @fablab to the post to get their attention. The fablab also has an event on the calendar to talk about 3D printer things. I would suggest you might go to that. The next one is May 3rd from 6:30-8:30pm in the Fab Lab. .


This is a none issue, so far only one person has shown interest. .

3d printers are not designed to be portable. Most people put them where they want them, calibrate and leave them.

Very few people like lugging them around.

The point was to offer a space to learn how to use a similar machine and apply the knowledge on the home machine.

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It took me a couple of times reading through to understand, but here it goes.

Unless something has changed, there’s still the “needs work” portion of the 3d printing area. I believe at least one of those printers has suffered from the someone “bought a decent economical 3d printer” issue and that eventually left it in pieces. Also note that they were all functioning at one point.

Volunteers are a finite resource and at some point the decision was made to put 90% of the effort into machines that require much less tinkering to work. Tinkering isn’t bad, but it is a big time suck for the volunteers. I don’t think @Christian @xrunner, etc would have any problems with people having a class to work on those printers (nominally the 3d printer group is on the calendar every couple weeks) or for printers that aren’t based on MakeICT but might be in more members’ homes because their prices is more accessible. I also think there’s still plenty of space in the FabLab to keep any loaned 3d printers around too.


If I might add, I will take the blame for the Ender 5 in its present condition. When I joined in January of this year, that machine needed the extrusion assembly reassembled. It doesn’t have the stock version.
I repaired with That portion and the motion system and hot end. I repaired that.
Then I was homing while testing, the magic smoke escaped a driver which Christian repaired. Neither he nor I have found time to reinstall the board and calibrate.

If Dave or Christian approve, I would invite any one with a full day to attempt to repair, I would like you to give it a go. You need to know how to fix your printer and designs are simple.

I apologize for not completing the repair in s timely fashion.

I don’t apologize for trying and I prefer people do more of it.

If you have small dexterous fingers and good eyes, you have a definite advantage over me.


If it’s not repaired , I might have time in 45 days, I could bring home, where the parts and tools are in one condensed location.
The organization of work area needs some serious revision.

I would propose a trinity of leads in fablab.
Laser lead, 3d lead , FabLab lead. And please don’t look at me, I’m there to support and expedite labor with myself. I’d rather herd cats. Lol

If the project impacts the experience of enough lives, not exclusively of any kind, often accepted as impossible, I do what can to devote some time to the Cause.

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If @fablab accepts the loan, remember there are rules around loans… they are outlined here: Tool Loans to MakeICT Policy - MakeICT Wiki


We’ve helped several people in similar fashion, though never in an official class format. As mentioned already we have the 3D printer group meeting every other Wednesday. I’m typically in doing maintenance on our machines and answering questions if people show up, and anyone is welcome to bring their own printers in for help. I’m happy to come in at another time (schedule permitting) if people want to do a more dedicated home printer setup/troubleshooting session.

I think the Ender 5 is pretty close I just keep hitting little snags every time I work on it. We might be able to get it going this Wednesday.

We actually had a couple of modified Ender 3s donated a few weeks ago. They are waiting on some new shelving so they have a place to live.


I’ve tried 3 times to get the new shelves at Lowes but still haven’t had any luck after visiting 2 different locations. The website says they have them in stock but no one can find them when I go to the store.


If I remember correctly, you’ll be replacing some old wooden shelving with the new shelving, when they can find the new ones at Lowe’s. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
If that’s accurate, the electronics lab would love it if the old wooden shelves landed in there. :slight_smile: just sayin :woman_shrugging:t3:

Alt status: please oh please give us your old shelves when you’re ready to get rid of them. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Tagging @james.a.seymour for awareness. :slight_smile:

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Are you referring to the shelves holding the filament? That’s the next project but I keep the request in-mind.



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New shelves are in place and all the 3d printers are now off the floor! Thanks to @Christian and @chris_w for their help on assembly and for getting the printers back up and connected!

Note: There’s still work to be done to get all the printers functional. One step at a time.