Match Workforce training Grants and Solar Prize

Nations of Makers has been working with the SBA to help start, grow, and give an adrenalin shot to job training programs based in Maker Spaces.

We could also receive a $1000 dollar grant for hosting an information meeting for the 2nd round of American Made Solar Prize. There are also prizes for coming up with solar based products.

These incentives made possible by the leadership of NoM making connections in Washington DC and bring awareness about what maker spaces do to government officials.

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I LOL’d, because my seven word attention span left me thinking abot “…what maker spaces do to government officials”. Are they laserable?

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We could make all kinds of torture devices…

I got word today that we are now a Connector partner.

Being a Connector means that you are part of the American-Made Network and an integral part of the Solar Prize community. You have the ability to help make this program a success and while doing so, you have the potential to earn cash performance payments too!

It is entirely up to us what we do with this partnership. I will be filling out some paperwork and having a phone conversation at some point. I will let you all know more as I know more. They have a webinar coming up on Venture Capital June 24th. It’s on Google Hangouts and you will have to pre register.

Here are the links to the solar prize. I will do my due diligence and post here.

There are two Solar Prizes in progress—each with $3 million in cash prizes and a chance to innovate and win with the support and expertise of the national labs, incubators, investors, facilities, and seasoned industry mentors in the American-Made Network.

Round 1 will conclude in the fall of 2019. Round 2 of the Solar Prize is now open and accepting competitors. Read the rules and submit your idea by July 16.

We are listed on their site as a facility

There is a webinar at 12 tomorrow For those interested in participating

Round-2-Solar-Prize.pdf (1.2 MB)

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Scheduled event and boosted the post Just need 30 people to show up on Sunday

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I posted our Facebook event on my Facebook feed. If everyone else who can would do that we would reach Bunches of people!


I also boosted it for $10