Mask sewing

Malissa, how did the meeting go?

We are ramping up production. We have fabric a ND people cutting. Sewing will begin next week. As we need help I will post here. We are working from GoCreate. We are still trying to nail down what Wesley wants, if you know of any medical provider in need please have them contact GoCreate.

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At this point all patterns and production are welcome. No matter which pattern you are working with all are good. Different medical professionals and first responders have different needs so no matter what design you are currently producing, we can find a home for them. @Buffington thanks for what you did today. GoCreate will be closed until Tuesday for cleaning, after that it may be limited to a few volunteers, with drop-off and delivery only. They are still trying to figure it out in this rapidly changing environment. For latest information there is a FB group and I will be posting here.

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I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, and greatfull. The need is overwhelming, the willingness to help is greatful, and the cutting, sewing, and outreach has exausted me, but I know tomorrow I’ll be refreshed and back at it.

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Do you know if they are going to let us back in GoC?

Stella and I have access but limited.

I’m making them at home, they can be delivered to St. Francis from 9-3 on Monday through Friday.

BTW: JoAnn is making this very easy, they have the supplies precut and such, and have curbside pickup.

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1 per customer, fabric is 60% off.

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I’m the only one who has one of these. Anyone want to take a stab at building one? People are running out of elastic and hospitals prefer ties. I can make about 220 per day ready to sew in the evenings after work, but I fear I’m not going to be able to keep ahead. There are 3D printed bias tape makers

Are you wanting someone to print the thing you linked on Thingiverse?

I personally don’t need one but if someone was in need I thought it would be good to have it here.

I was about to ask about the 3D printed one. I seen it in another group and shared it in ours but I don’t have a 3D printer.

I could print off a few. Which size would you want? There are versions for 5 cm, 4 cm, and 2 in.

4 cm

I’ve got one printing now on my printer at home. If a bunch are needed/wanted I could stop by MakeICT and get the 3D printers set back up.

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Hey Christian,
I would do that if you could. Their Facebook group has a bunch of people needing them.

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I printed a couple of the 4cm. Where should I drop them off? I’m going to try to stop by MakeICT tomorrow to see about the 3D printers.


Take them there I’m coming in a couple hours tomorrow as well. I’ve got a few people that are meeting me to pick up or drop off. @David there were some being left in the mailbox.

Hey Christian - can I have one? You know where I live.

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