Mario is making a clicking noise when you turn it on. Then it starts going across the bed making an awful noise.

Check that the rotary isn’t enabled (tools>rotary setup). I’m pretty sure I turned it off yesterday, but I might not have.

Thats not the issue. Mario is trying to raise the bed on power up for some reason

Well, that’s new.


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My first guess is the control adapter

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Question. … is there a reason Mario’s pad won’t turn on. 1. If I’m burning on Luigi can I run Mario too? 2. Pressed green button on, scanned key. Only getting yellow light. lifted and turned e-stop. Suggestions?

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unplugged replugged…good to go.

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Yeah. The keycard reader is a bit buggy atm and needs a occasional restart.

@Christian temp fix but how hard would it be to implement a restart button onto the keycard reader? Could just cut power to the reader so it can reboot

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