Mario Slipped Several Times Sounded Awful

I outlined my design and all went well. When I hit start, it made a run for the start of the cut from its origin and slipped twice making an awful sound as it did so and started way off where it should have. It didn’t slip as it outlined the piece or any time I moved it around to focus or anything, just as it went to the start of the cut from the origin. Should I put an out of order on it?

That sounds similar to previous issues that had been mitigated by limiting the Y axis speed. Unless someone has changed that limit, it sounds like maybe it is getting worse. I guess an out of order would be appropriate. I might be able to stop by for a few minutes this evening to give it a look.

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Thanks, Steve! I’ve put a note on it and will be here (running Maker Monday)

I believe I have mitigated the problem by limiting the idle speed to 100mm/sec. This is pretty clearly part of the ongoing Y axis issues on Mario.