Mario Rotary

I was trying to finish up some etching on a batch of cups and Mario/Lightburn locked up on me. First of all the “Rotary” option was not on the main screen, had to dig thru menus and found it. Did the first side Fine, on the second side (2 passes) did fine first pass, then did just a little of the second pass, beeped and went back to reference like it was done, did not complete second pass. I know that rotary should be in one pass but the cups are black and I have done eight others as 2 passes with no issue. Any ideas? Also Lightburn seemed to be “glitchy”, had to click on things two or three times for it to respond, very “laggy”


Sorry to hear you had issues with the laser, I know you were trying to finish up that project. I’ll try to recruit one of the experts to look at it with me.




@ssaner and I looked at Mario. Someone updated Lightburn on that machine. We don’t know if the update messed up some of the configuration settings or if it’s the cause of some of your issues.

It did appear someone changed settings that they shouldn’t have and we reset what we could find. We did a few test cuts, but not with the rotary device. Lightburn didn’t show any “glitchy” or “laggy” issues while we were on it.

I don’t know if you’d want to try again with one of your bottles that had issues so to not risk a new one?

We would appreciate it if people wouldn’t update the software or make hardware changes without permission to avoid other folks having problems like you’ve had.


Thank you, I will start will a scrapped cup before I waste another one. I thought the screens looked different, I did try matching the setting to what was on Luigi when I initially couldn’t get it to work. I hope I didn’t mess anything up, I know I did not update any software. I appreciate you looking at it quickly. I will let you know how it goes.