Mario gas struts failing

It you’ve used Mario recently you may have noticed that the lid has developed a tendency to fall down. It seems that the gas struts are failing and need to be replaced. Be careful when using it so you don’t get bonked in the head. If you hold it all the way up for about 20 seconds it should start to stay up on its own.

We need to look at getting some replacements in the near future, and possibly re-positioning the mounting brackets so that they work a little better.



So, the gas struts have finally been replaced. Big thanks to @Gary_Titus for helping out. We put in some longer ones and changed how they were mounted. The door now stays up very well, but it doesn’t lift quite as high as it used to. The struts do also stick out into the machine a bit more than they used to, but I don’t think that should be a big issue. If you find problems with the new setup let us know.

You may notice that there is an extra hole and the bolt heads have been ground down significantly. This is what happens when I don’t quite think things all the way through before starting a project. :sweat_smile:

Video of the things doing the thing: