Mario engraver

Mario engraver access doesnt appear to be working. Its stuck on the yellow light and doesn’t turn on.

Unplug the machine and then plug it back in. I’m working on a fix for this issue.


So glad this doesn’t mean I broke it last night! Fshwew!

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@Christian not sure how this happened, but the probe came apart while I was engraving. It didn’t run into anything, so that’s weird.
I’m going to unplug it and put an out of order sign on it.

If any body needs to use luigi and is unsure how to manually focus it then feel free to ask me. Ill be more than happy to show you how

I’ll fix it this evening.

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I’m at Makerspace now. Stupid me laid down the 7mm block and now I can’t find it. I pretty sure I know how to manual focus, but would appreciate any help. Also, is there a spare block? I’m on my hands and knees searching for the yellow one. Thanks!

I found the block!!!

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There is only the one afaik but it would be trivial at best to make more. I will print a few replacements off when I get the chance

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Focus probe has been fixed.