Mario Disconnect Issue

Not sure what is going on with Mario.

I ran a file 5 times without any issues, and then I kept getting a machine disconnect message.

I restarted the laptop and cycled the power on Mario, and checked the USB connection. I can get Mario to Home, but after that, the disconnect message pops up again.

Try unplugging the usb cord several times and reconnecting. That always works for me.

I’ve done that close to a dozen times now…

I also took a look at the controller and blew the dust off the dangling mess. Most of the connectors were lose. I’m still not having any luck with Mario.

and then randomly, Mario works again…

Yeah, the controller throws a fit every now and then. Still not sure why. We probably just need to replace it.

If we replace the controller, can we add the prefix ‘Super’ to the machine?