Mario adjustment 12/2/23

Yesterday during the market I was hanging out doing fab lab explanations when the tours came through and I had time to kill, so I did some tweaks on mario ahead of our maintenance meeting on wednesday…

  1. tried cleaning the lens but it was so bad I just replaced it
  2. adjusted the head mirror so it would actually reflect in the middle of the lens not off to the side of it

my kid has a choir concert wednesday so I can’t be at the meeting. mario seems to be cutting much better now… I was cutting that 3mm plywood in the scraps and at 20mms/50% power it cut through, but alignment is so darn picky maybe wednesday if people are out there could be a double check time?


You rock, Kim!


I wondered if the lens needed replaced but was waiting for other opinions. I’m glad you expressed yours!


Thanks for that troubleshooting. I defs like “handing wrenches” and learning by watching in such situations. Maybe next time