March show Making the Wind Blow

The title for our next gallery show is Making the Wind Blow, It is a tribute to the month of March. I would like to add that a theme is a jumping off point not a limit. Consider the March theme Making the Wind Blow. Obvious starting point could be kites, whirligigs, fans or any item that flies. Those are the low hanging fruit. Wind is hot air, we are surrounded by it, wind both carries and makes sound, it is cold or hot. We have Mistral’s and Maria’s,
I would add the preceding full of hot air.


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When do the contributors of the last gallery show need to pick up their work?

i have an old metal piece from years ago that needs the whirly finished on it as the gig is already done…hmmmm…i have a month…

some of us have already picked up our stuff

It would be nice to get this information a bit sooner, and as I pointed out a week ago, this event is still not on the calendar. let us know the last day to put pieces in and still get pictures taken, as some of our entries in Feb show did not get pictures taken as promised. Thanks

I apologize my mistake. I accidentally put everything on my personal Google calendar. It has now been moved to the public calendar for MakeICT for the full year. The FB event is up as well. Does someone have a picture that is theme related I can add to the FB event?

This is a test for one of my pieces, the dandelion, for my submission “Seeds of the Wind”. I will be creating several fabric sculptures that will need to be hung from the ceiling 3-5 total depending on time constrains. I’m totally excited with how it’s going.

We will make this happen. I like it!


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No where to go after work all week. So an hour a night should do.

This took 30-45 minutes 5-6 more and I’ll have a dandelion. They should take 15-20 since I know what I’m doing.! I found a couple seeds that are really easy and a couple that are just as complex.

So far we have no one signed up, I’m not discouraged artist are procrastinators. Please fill out the form by Sunday. We’ll make it work.