March 2019: Devin Halsey

Our fifth featured ceramicist does lots of stuff and things, and is also the assistant lead in the print shop and a member of the security team.

~ About Devin ~

Joined MakeICT: December of 2017

Born: Grand Island Nebraska

Why Ceramics: Learned to throw in High School and Grandmother gifted a wheel senior year of HS.

Biggest Ceramics Challenge: After moving away from with post HS I didn’t throw for 15 years. Threw my first pot post hiatus in August of 2017.

What’s Next: Making my own glazes and building a wood-fire kiln on my rural property.

Hobbies: Growing Plants, Cooking, Kickball, and Printmaking

If He Had One Wish: I’d wish for universal healthcare for every American.


Please say howdy to Devin the next time you see him!


Here’s a look at what’s on display in the mini-gallery:


would you let me use your Gun Mold ?

For good or evil?

Hahaha. Good. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

we could share. i have these two molds. would you like to use one ?

if it’s a yes, i can bring it in . you can find it on my shelve.