March 11th - St. Patty's Day Parade

The Great Plains Renaissance Fair has invited us to bring out the ballista and any MakeICT members that have garb out to the St. Patty’s Day Parade in Delano.

The parade starts at noon, so we would have to be there by 10:30 (generally, it’s pretty packed parking at that time).

  1. Would someone be willing to help ‘trailer’ the ballista and Davis’s new siege toy out to the event and possibly along the 0.6 mile route? (I’m a bit hesitant to haul the ballista that far on it’s own wheels)
  2. Who else would like to walk along the parade route in garb?
  3. Does anyone else have something renaissance themed they would like to bring out to the parade?

We need to get Davis a response on this by Friday.


So update:


I have a small trailer for the weekend, and 3 other members have agreed to come along in garb. Showing up in MakeICT shirts is also welcomed. More people are welcomed to join us for the parade and hopefully hand out candy to kids since we’re not suppose to hand out flyers…

From the event organizers:

Thank you for being a part of the 2023 Delano Paddy Day Parade! Please read all information carefully so that we can ensure you have the best parade experience possible.

Included in this email:

o Parade pass with entry number

§ Please bring this with you on parade day

o Information on where, when and how staging will happen

§ Please pay attention to how you are asked to enter your staging area

§ Parade staging map

o A reminder of some parade guidelines

o Contact information

Entry Name: Great Plains Renaissance

Entry Number: 41

Staging Location: Douglas St. bridge

How to enter staging: via Douglas from the east

Staging Instructions:

o Staging will start at 10:00 am and should be complete by 11:45am

§ Parade starts at Noon sharp

o You must have your parade pass displayed on your entry

§ Please display it where it can be seen and easily read by our emcees.

§ Passes must be placed on the right side of your float, vehicle, or banner.

o Before staging find a parade official wearing a safety vest to ensure you are in the right spot

§ They will also share any changes or last-minute instructions including who you will follow in the parade

o We MUST leave one lane open for emergency traffic, so please stage as instructed.

Parade Instructions:

o Please be sure any banners or signs share positive messages. The parade officials reserve the right to remove any offensive displays

o Items such as candy can be handed out to crowd, but MUST NOT be thrown from floats

o Help us keep the litter down to a minimum by not handing out flyers or papers

o Please keep the parade moving at all times

o Please continue to the parade disembarking area as instructed by WPD before exiting your float

Post Parade Activities:

o Please join us at one or all of our post parade activities

§ Booze Trucks with green beer or your favorite cocktails

§ Kid Zone with Rainbows United

§ Big Fat Fun taking the stage at 2pm


It would be cool if the MakeICT shirts were green, but it’s to late to pull that off

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Are you allowed to add a CR code?

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Qr code sticker on the candy about MakeICT? That would be easy but time consuming. Maybe a sign on the trailer?

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I was thinking of a sign on the trailer… but didn’t know if it was allowed.


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Qr code sticker on the candy about MakeICT? That would be easy but time consuming. Maybe a sign on the trailer?

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Yes, signs on the trailer are allowed… and a part of our spot being comp’ed may mean having a few other banners on the trailer as well.


What time do need help with loading the Ballista onto the trailer?

I can wear my Mideiveal costume I guess, it’s also part green.


I’ll probably be there around 8am to load up and attend a part of breakfast with the board at 9am.

Here is the staging map for the event.

Staging map 2 and 3.pdf (314.4 KB)

I’m also planning on hooking up my ragtop jeep Tj to the trailer if anyone is not able to walk during the parade but would still like to come along.


Parade spot 41 is at Douglas and McLean in front of the metal bull just before the Arkansas River Bridge.