Marble Tile

I was just curious if there was anything in the maker space that could handle cutting marble tile before I rent or buy a wet saw. This is small, subway style tile. Thanks for any help.

I have cut marble tile before with a cheap diamond saw from harbor freight it’s slow but it works

I’ve got one of those tile breakers that scores the tile, then snaps it cleanly over the score line. If you’d like to try it, let me know and I’ll drop it off at the makerspace.

This is for marble solid I believe those score style cutters I dont think will work

I have a tile saw I can loan to the space. I can drop it off this afternoon. It’s super easy to use, but it makes a wet mess that will Ned to be mopped up.


Thanks, Sam! I really appreciate that. I’ll be using it this weekend and will be sure to clean up afterwards.