Map of new Booth location?

Having trouble finding the building schematics on the forum or wiki. Please excuse my inadequate searching skills and help me find them!

Don’t think they are on either. You can find them on the Google drive though. Not that I can tell you exactly where to look.

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Okay, using my account, the shared drives are very few… am I lacking area-lead or board member permissions?

Search for “floor plan”, I get a folder and some files, open the folder, there are several formats.


Thanks Mike

Take a look in here: Google Drive: Sign-in

That should take you to the floor plans folder for Booth.

How do we have all these maps and not a single big red X on any of them?

I mean, we did hide the treasure somewhere right?


That was your job. Did you forget?


Was that the time capsule or that set of gold coins we buried under that garden bench?

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