Many people think they remember me..../

That happens when you have lived your life in Wichita.
Most people call me Bill, my aunt’s and uncles call me Billy.

Ive been in the Gardening and Horticulture industry for over 40 years but born into a family that grew their own food. I really remember how hard work it was and we kids had the easy jobs.

What I’m saying is, you develop skills others say, look like fun.

I’ve watch this community last, 10 yrs IS a milestone, when you think of all it takes to make just little things happen.

December is December, I just joined and anxious to complete the prerequisite classes. I’ll have to wait through the holiday season most likely.

Everyone enjoy your chosen holiday, I hope we meet.


Welcome to makeict, we met at the vendor founders day thing. Nice meeting you

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I’m a pretty new member as well. There are many things about this place that are amazing! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. From one Bill to another… Welcome!