Makita drill brushes

Somebody mentioned the Makita drill not working right the other day. I’ve taken it apart and one of the brushes is broken and bound up so it isn’t touching the commutator. I pretty well destroyed it the rest of the way getting it out, but this does appear to be all that’s wrong with it, at least wrt it not working. There are signs that it has gotten hot, like the fan being detached from the armature.

Makita CB440 Carbon Brush Set

Up to you whether to fix it replace. Without the fan working, I can certainly see heat being a problem. Not sure that’s what contributed to the brush failing. Could’ve been the other way around, in fact.

It appears the fan is a part of the armature and not available by itself.


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Here’s the armature.

Makita 619263-3 Armature Lxfd01Cw

And the brushes.

CB440 Carbon Brushes replacement part for Makita CB-440 CB-448 CB-436 195021-6 194427-5, 194159-4, CB434,191975-5, 195020-8, 193466-2


That thing is about 8 years old. It’s time to let it die, I think. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for decent replacements after Christmas.