Making Makers May's Final Friday

We will be promoting Teaching at MakeICT and upcoming classes. Look for the sign-up here in a few days. Get your summer classes on the schedule so we can show off your great work and add students to your classes.

I apologize, I though this was already shared here. I have started a free art Friday event on Instagram to help attract people to MakeICT Creator Showroom, If you would like to participate either follow the instructions on Instagram or get with me.

After all the discussion on the Admin mailing list I had thought that explicitly stating “The themes are there for guidance and not meant to be restrictive” would make sense.

But, the Google doc application linked above makes the theme sound absolutely mandatory.
"Since the MakeICT Creator Showroom is a juried showroom here are the criteria:
… skipping 1. and 2.
3. This month were [sic] asking our teaching members to submit items they teach at MakeICT with dates for upcoming workshops.

So, which is it? Guidance or criteria?

Mike B

Poor choice of words on the Google Form will correct it