"Makerspace" is not just a thing

Merriam-Webster just announced that they have added “Makerspace” to the dictionary:

Words from New Ways of Working

The way we work, including both where and when we work, has changed in recent years, with the simultaneous influences of mobile technology and the so-called gig economy. Our connectedness has also changed the way we come together, whether to work or to raise funds.

  • Makerspace : a communal public workshop in which makers can work on small personal projects

Awesome! Get hygge with it!

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I wonder what their definition of ‘small projects’ is.


We could see how far we can stretch that definition.

I’m thinking mech robot…

Careful… I was offered a cat 930m front loader a few years back to make that happen… I might have to see if that offer is still good, but I think the engine was shot.


“Kansas makerspace shut down for airspace violations after launching fully functioning mech suit into sub orbit”


Finally! Woohoo!!!


We have enough space in our yard for a launchpad?


if we don’t play basketball perhaps

There is always space for a launchpad if you aren’t worried about collateral damage

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Please define hygge…



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hyg·​ge | \ ˈhyü-gə , ˈhü- , ˈhu̇- \

Definition of hygge

(Entry 1 of 2)

: a cozy quality that makes a person feel content and comfortable

During the long, dark winters when Danes retreat inside their homes, hygge is what brings them a great sense of comfort and joy.— Mary Holland

“I believe now—in the midst of this pandemic—is the perfect time for people to embody hygge by focusing on the present moment, spending quality time with people who make them happy, and ultimately finding peace,” [Christine] Christensen said in an email.— Courtney Kueppers

And after the recent trend of cozy, comforting hygge, there’s another Scandinavian state of mind to embrace.— Leanne Italie



Definition of hygge (Entry 2 of 2)

: invoking or fostering a sense of coziness, contentment, and well-being…

a hygge Christmas dinner setting needs only essential tableware, beloved family ornaments and a few tasteful sprigs of greenery.— Francesca Brown

To live the hygge way, focus on friendship, wholesomeness, and happiness.— Hannah Bruneman"

… people are at home all the time. People will realize cozy is better than stark. It’s all about the hygge trend."— Jonathan Adler

First Known Use of hygge


1960, in the meaning defined above


1963, in the meaning defined above

History and Etymology for hygge


borrowed from Danish, “comfort, coziness,” borrowed from Norwegian hygge (Bokmål), hyggje (Nynorsk), probably noun derivative of hygge (Bokmål), hyggje (Nynorsk) “to make comfortable,” also regionally “to notice, understand, take care of, be fond of,” going back to an Old Norwegian equivalent of Old Icelandic hyggja “to think, believe,” going back to Germanic *hugjan- (whence also Old English hycgan “to think, meditate, consider,” Old Frisian hugia “to be recalled,” Old Saxon huggian “to think [of], be mindful of, consider, plan,” Old High German huggen “to think, have in mind, be mindful of,” Gothic hugjan “to be of a [specified] state of mind”), noun derivative of *hugi- “mind” (whence Old English hyge “mind, thought, intention,” Old Frisian hei “mind,” Old Saxon hugi “thought, mind, intention,” Old High German hugu “mind, understanding,” Old Norse hugr “mind, heart, wish,” Gothic hugs “mind”), of uncertain origin


from attributive use of HYGGE entry 1

from Hygge | Definition of Hygge by Merriam-Webster

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“What Does ‘Hygge’ Mean? | Slang Definition of Hygge | Merriam-Webster” https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/what-does-hygge-mean

Loving the words!!

To me Makerspace has always meant potential to do anything, a scope that is only limited by your imagination.
As for the mech… You can definitely count me in once I get here permanently…

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