Makerspace Equipment Auction

As MakeICT grows and changes, sometimes we find that certain equipment is not serving a useful purpose. When that happens sell it to raise money for equipment that we have a greater need for. Here is the current list of items we are selling. All proceeds from these sales will go towards new equipment, with the exception of the 2 kilns. The funds raised from those will go to defray the cost of the recent purchase of the kiln that was on loan from a member.

The format of this sale is a silent auction. We will take bids for 2 weeks, ending May 8th at 11:59pm. Items may be posted on other sale sites if it is determined to be worthwhile. Bid sheets will be placed at the front desk of the makerspace tomorrow (April 25th). Bids can also be emailed to me. Once per day I will update the online list with the current highest bid and record email bids on the sheets if there is not already an equal or higher bid.

Here is the list of items for sale

Here is a list of high bids for each item (updated daily)


How do you bid?

Either send me a message or write it on the sheet at the front desk of the makerspace.

A daily posting of the current bids would be handy here…it would save a lot of trips to the makerspace to check them in person.

The document stays updated just check back there.

Uh, I knew that. I was, uh, just testing. Yeah, that’s the ticket! I was just testing to see if YOU knew! And now there are a bunch of bids by, uh, Morgan Fairchild! Yeah, Morgan Fairchild!

I’ve also added this spreadsheet of high bids to the original post for viewing in a more compact format.

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This is a pretty good way to run this, awesome work Christian thanks for getting it all posted.

I created a facebook event. If you all could share it and invite friends who might like what we have, it’d be awesome:

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Hmmm… I notice that the things with no pictures are getting no bids… would it be useful to snap a couple of pictures?

may be beneficial.