MakerMay and June open House Sign up



Enrollment is currently only open for members. It will open to the general public on April 10.


I tried to fill out the volunteer form but there are two issues:

  • the time choices don’t have an all day choice on Saturday for someone to volunteer for the whole day, and you can only pick one choice from those available.
  • the optional / other tasks requires a choice even if you aren’t volunteering for those options.

I’ll look at it soon thanks

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I have updated both questions let me know what you think

Better except I can’t choose not to volunteer on Friday.

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got it fixed

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So far we have 3 vendors on the 10th we will open it up to non-members.

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Got my volunteer form submitted.


I haven’t opened it to the public yet. We still only have 3 vendors. I will open it to the public after the Classroom Committee meeting Tuesday night.

We have moved the date to the following Saturday. As June 3 is the Riverfest Parade and Riverfest has their own Vendor Market June 4th and 5th. I will update the forms and promotional materials to reflect this change and open up registration to Non-members tomorrow.


Material has been updated and registration is now public

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Awesome, Since the June event has moved, I will be able to attend. I have filled out the online application.
thank you,


Invite your maker friends who are not MakeICT members

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You might want to edit the description for clarity. It wasn’t immediately obvious to me what the signup was for, and it doesn’t seem to give a clear explanation of how the event will operate. Some of the details don’t seem to make sense. Maybe I’m just slow.

Dates will be drawn in order of payment submission in Wild Apricot and on our Classroom Check In Tool.

Are the dates random or are they in order of signup? What does the Check-in tool have to do with this process?

Also, anyone who’s not logged in to a google account won’t be able to see the form due to the file upload field.


Thanks for all you do to create/organize/support MakeICT events. I don’t know how you do it all, but I’m grateful!


The number will be random drawn each number will be assigned to the next person on the Wild Apricot/class check in list.


John would get the first number drawn, Kate the second ECT.

I’ve been try to think of a clearer way to explain it.

We still have over 20 booths

I’m planning on signing up today! Was just taking some photos and organizing my stuff :relaxed: thanks for setting all of this up!

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It is on June 11th right?


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