Maker space volunteer work list

Hey all!

Question: I’d love to try and help more around the space but it seems like there are multiple projects going for that.

Have I missed a list or sign up sheet? I’ve reached out to a few folks asking for help/to help but I either don’t hear back or folks don’t show up at our agreed time.

I’m not always the most social, my face looks pretty mean and I’m supposed to be angry but I promise I’m nice. :black_heart:

All jokes aside, I understand we’re a volunteer org and life happens, I’m just not sure where to begin without stepping on toes again.


There is a work session every Tuesday from 6:00 pm to about 9:00. This is the Facilities committee working on things for the building. Some of the area leads have their own list of things that need to be done.


Ahh, that’s my issue. I should’ve mentioned it, I work nights.

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