Maker Monday is also Pi Day 3/14


Should we celebrate Maker Monday with a special Pi Day edition?

Or do you guys think bringing in pie to share is to much of a risk these days?

Also, should we posting other nerdy holidays somewhere? like the laundry list found on this website: The Only Geek Holiday Calendar You'll Need


They missed November 11 also know as Corduroy Day, 1111 resembles the Wales of Corduroy

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We have had pi day parties in the past.

I might have to try making a pie or two for Monday. Might do a pecan pie and figuring something out with a jar of that plum jam. :wink:

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Ahhhh! Cordoroy is also a great Children’s Book!

I will not bake a pie! I will bring one for the celebration! BTW: Woodturning Maker Monday Edition is turning Eggs. Not that you could make a pie or meringue from them. You have to get those from @kthutch