MakeICT Winter Market - Vendor Registration OPEN

Its finally here!!! Get in on this awesome event, makers!!! :heart:

❅ Vendor Info:

❅ Vendor Registration:

❅ Volunteer Info:

Please also share the event around, if you please~

Thank you to everyone who tolerated me bugging them to get all this put together lol, and everyone who is sticking with me through the craziness :crazy_face:


You’re doing a great job. Thank you


Thank you so much, Sam! I appreciate the encouragement^^ Just doing my best and the team helps me be even better.


Good morning. My grandma has rooms of crafting materials. She had lots of diy kits of every media. I was planning on setting her up at the vendor’s market to sell some of her stuff. She didn’t buy any of this to resell originally, she just has more than she will ever use. Stuff like DIY crochet kits that would sell for maybe $5. She has lots of other supplies she would probably sell. Ribbons or fabric, etc… I have no idea what all she will part with.
I was reading the vendor’s agreement and it says only made goods. So would that make her ineligible to be a vendor? What if she also sold things that she made?
Thank you

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Hi Sam!

The MakeICT Winter Market is a smaller indoor vendor event due to the winter climate making outdoor booths prohibitive. A primary goal of this event is giving people an opportunity to showcase and sell their hand-crafted goods. Although selling crafting supplies could be beneficial, it may be something to consider for a future market that has additional space for booths.

In the meantime, feel free to send an inquiry to requesting details about MakeICT’s Consignment Policy which sets forth guidelines on another path for selling these items at MakeICT.

EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot… there is a For Sale section on this site that could also work with a couple of pics and cross-posted in the Textiles section.


Reminder to register through the WildApricot link if you want to vend!!! It closes by the 17th!

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