MakeICT October 2018 Auction

Hey guys, we had a few items get approved by the 3 nerd rule to put up for auction. The auction will end in 2 weeks on the next MakerMonday (22 October). You can bid on the items in person, or send your bid to and we’ll inform or update the bid sheets accordingly.

So, there are 5 things up for auction.

  1. A Stack of old Dell Servers
  2. The old Tan Laptop Cart
  3. A frosted display shelf
  4. A big printer/copier/scanner
  5. A deep basin sink

If you have any questions or concerns, again you can shoot an email to or if you would like to inspect the items in person, they are sitting there with yellow sheets of paper on them between the laser cutters and the classroom.

Happy bidding!


Is there a way to see or receive updates as the bids go up? I bid on some items but don’t want to have to come into the space to see if I am outbid.

Also, does the stack of servers include the miscellaneous electronics pictured sitting on top (old wifi routers, ethernet hubs, etc)?

I double checked with Christian. The stack did not include the switches and wifi routers on top of the dell servers, but the dell pc tower may have been intended to go with the stack.

I can post updates each week, but I do not intend on posting daily updates to bids, so you will check on the items in person if you want more updated information.

Right now, there are bids on the sink, servers, and laptop cart.

High bids tonight:
Server Pile - Edward Wilson (Facebook bid) $30
Printer - nobody
Display rack - nobody
Laptop cabinet - Kate $20
Sink - Kate $25

Bids will go until Oct 22
Servers - Les $35
Sink - Kate $25
Cabinet - $45 Anthony
No bids on printer or panel

As of Oct 15th (no change since kim’s post):

Servers - Les $35
Sink - Kate $25
Cabinet - $45 Anthony
No bids on printer or panel

The servers are up to $50 (Les) - we are taking bids on facebook for each photo here

Oooooh it feels good to be winning lol

Did I win? lol