MakeICT Maker Creator Monthly Challenge

Hey there makers!

Are you in a lull between projects and looking for a quick project to fill some time? Or just need something to get your creative juices going? Then check out the MakeICT Maker Creator Monthly Challenge!

This month’s challenge: what can you make from two 8ft 2x4s?
-Sponsored by AniDragon
-This month’s prize is a $25 gift card to MakeICT

Submissions are due by the 28th of each month.

Happy Making!


This is an awesome idea

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So much material…ok… dangit… it looks like I am gonna have to make something… or somethings…lol

I am assuming I can use additional stuff besides the 2x4s

I throw down the gauntlet and challenge the rest of the board to enter.

2x4’s are really cheap. Let’s donate everything to makeict and do it more frequently. A monthly winner that gets a free month at our space will drive business to our community of makers.

yes, you can use other materials to ‘fasten’ the 2x4s together or paint/decorate.

@jwithers - That was the intent of the contest: to inspire more people to come out and create. I think a 1 month time span is the good amount of time, but let’s see how this 1st round goes and see if there are some wrinkles that need to be hammered out for the next one… I could see some very creative challenges hitting for Halloween. :wink:

@ladeana - since AniDragon is sponsoring this month’s MMCMC, I will bow out of actually competing, but I still plan on building something before the end of the month.

Happy Making y’all!