MakeICT logo

Does anyone have a vector file of the MakeICT logo they can send to my email?

Never mind, found it on our wiki.

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They are kept here

The official ones anyway.

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Yep, I found it after I posted. Thanks

So I’m going to etch our logo and logotype onto the doors of our dartboard. There will be a left and right door. With permission from whoever is in charge, on the left door I would like to etch the makeict logo, and on the right door the makeict logotype. Is that alright? Next question, I wanted to “burn” the wood of this cabinet with a propane flame before finishing with polyurethane. Should I burn before etching or after? My thought is, etch first, then burn around the logo and logotype, then maybe lightly burn over the etched area, if warranted.

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Since you are asking for permission, the people in charge would be the Board. There should be a good portion of the board at the space tomorrow. I will try to ask around to get a feeling if we need a board vote.

Can you post a picture of the dart board? Is it bare wood? What type of wood?

Do you have an example of this technique?
Have you used before?

I would think doing a test piece to figure out if etch then burn vs burn then etch. @doug.wilson Does tons of cool wood finishing stuff. he might have input on the wood side of things.

Speaking as myself, rather than as a Bona-Fide Board Member®, I think you’re okay. From the wiki:

The exception to the rules:

With all these rules, how are you supposed to have any fun?! Well, it’s worth pointing out that these rules are just for official MakeICT branded materials that appear in print and web, signage, etc., where it is important for the logo to be on display in a clear and consistent manner. Following the rules strengthens your brand recognition. But that doesn’t mean your members can’t have fun with it, and you can’t break the rules yourself in special circumstances. Is it an outline if you make it out of wire or neon lights? Or is it a forbidden special effect to route the logo out of a giant slab of wood or cut it out of foam or print it in 3D? That’s a stretch, to police the logo’s use in all situations, so don’t take it too far. Use your best judgment.

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I was not talking about permission to use the logo. There guide lines on use that were put in place when the logo was changed a few years ago. I agree with what David said.

I think the thing that needs consideration is the alteration of makeict equipment. I did not get a chance to look at the dartboard in the lounge. The new member grilling took way longer than I thought.

I spoke to 1 or 2 board member and I think we need to look at this further.

@d673mendoza, I thank you for your time and efforts at the space. Cool idea.

Where did the dart board come from? Was it at the old space? Is it ours or something on loan?

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Agreed. :+1:

Dart board was in the lounge; I am making a cabinet for it before hanging up the dartboard for use.

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The dart board itself is from my house.

Following this guy’s design:


ahh, I am sorry if I missed the part that you were making the cabinet. As far as I am concerned since you are not altering our equipment case closed. I will worry when you start mass producing them and putting our logo on them. :slight_smile:

@d673mendoza, that makes it even cooler that you are making the cabinet.

I look forward to seeing your work. :+1:

@David Are these metal darts or plastic tips?

Metal darts. Pro board.