MakeICT Holiday Ornament Challenge


Hey Makers!

We have an exciting challenge to get you in the holiday spirit and help support the arts in Wichita at the same time:

MakeICT’s holiday ornament challenge!

  • Create at least 10 holiday ornaments to donate to MakeICT
  • They should be identical, or at least darn similar in style
  • You determine the price for your ornaments

They will be put up for sale at the Harvester Arts Holiday Market that will be open for three dates (Final Friday in November, Saturday December 1st and December 8). MakeICT receives half the proceeds for the ornaments we sell, and Harvester Arts receives the other half. Harvester Arts provides a thoughtful platform for visual arts experimentation that engages the community through critical dialog and the creation of new work.

Whoever’s ornaments earn the most money at the market wins a $50 gift card to MakeICT. In the event of a tie, it’s whoever sells out first.

If you make/donate/sell more than 10 ornaments that’s awesome, but to keep it fair we’ll just be totaling up the revenue/time for your first 10.

Ornaments must be turned in by the Sunday after Thanksgiving - November 25 at 5PM. Please have them all together in a bag with a paper containing:

  • Your Name
  • Contact info
  • Price per ornament

Feel free to post your photos here as you start the challenge so everyone else is inspired to get involved!

November Newsletter

Just wanted to mention, I’m not saying you should flag everything up or make your ornament Wichita themed, but just in case you are, I made a very precise Wichita Flag SVG file and added it to our wiki a while back for projects just like this. It’s a nice vector file with no unnecessary nodes. Here it is:

Happy ornament making!


Above is a picture of some of the ornaments I am working on.

Which do you like better? Tree or Angel?

What do you think a reasonable price would be for each?



I’d think $5 for the angel and $7.50 for the trees each, based on past experience with this market. I hope to work on my ornaments this weekend.