MakeICT classes

Hey all. If you are someone who wants to teach a class at MakeICT and can figure some way to teach it virtually, I would love to put you on the schedule to teach.

Keep an eye out for classes popping up on the calendar. Right now we have a series of electrical type classes for kids in the range of 7-10ish that will be starting this weekend and we have someone wanting to teach classes in Math or Chess… if you have a particular one of those you would like to see, give me an idea and I will pass it on!

(You can also see classes popping up on the calendar as well.)

Also as soon as we can get that temporary CO we will start hosting classes in the classrooms. If you have a class you want to teach that way, I would love to try and put you on the schedule. It could get cancelled if the CO hasn’t come through yet… but it would get you used to what it takes to get on the schedule if you haven’t done that before!



I’ll get something together

Eric reminded me of an idea I had long ago basically from a teaching
standpoint you would teach your certification class the same night for
several weeks. From a student standpoint you would come in every night for
a week for beginner classes and certifications. Since it lasts several
weeks if you have to miss a night you can make it up the following week.

This would mainline people into the new spaces and get things moving faster
than a six pack of soft tacos from taco bell

“Beginners Luck, a series of classes where you get all your certifications,
and do basic projects in each area’,”