M600 change filament

Been playing with stop codes and how to put them into my gcode.

Anyone interested in a tutorial on this?


Looks nice!

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Like it - need to get the basic class in first - but would love to later on! Thanks for posting!

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Are you using PrusaSlicer to insert them or doing it manually?

In prusa slicer

Under printer settings

I made 2 profiles for printer. One for strait printing, and one for M600 stops.
See code attached below

under user presets
; LAYER: [layer_num], Z HEIGHT: [layer_z]

{if layer_num == 23}M600 ; Color change {endif}

{if layer_num == 23} just change 23 to what ever layer you want to stop at.
Also for more than one stop you just need to copy and paste 2nd line only.i.e.
{if layer_num == 23}M600 ; Color change {endif}

Cool, that’s certainly one way to do it. You can also do it in the preview tab by clicking the plus button next to the layer slider. I think this is a relatively new feature in PrusaSlicer. I haven’t looked at the code it actually generates, but it’s probably very similar to what you are doing.

PrusaSlicer Color Change

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Frank so enjoy seeing all the great things you create thank you!!!

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I tried to use that it stopped like 4x for a change when I wanted it to stop 1x might have been me idk. Definitely more than one way to skin a cat.