Luigi x/y tracking

Luigi powered up okay. No defects noted when setting the Origin or when using the autofocus.

So all the setup went without a problem.

Then I hit the start button. Heard a sound from the left side of the machine, sounded like a belt slipping maybe? And the resulting burn was way off - in the photo I’m uploading, the 8 squiggles around the edges of the piece are supposed to be perfect squares. The whole figure is off, but I don’t know if it’s the x or y axis (could be both I suppose).

Also the scorching looks like what you get when it’s out of focus but I think the scorching might just be because one of the axes aren’t working at the proper speed.

This was the pic I meant to upload. The red circled cuts are supposed to be perfect 3.05mm squares. So something is definitely off.

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Just a heads-up for @ssaner and @Christian

I should be able to come by sometime tomorrow (Sun).


I took a look at Luigi this afternoon. I was unable to duplicate this behavior. If you have further troubles with this, we may need to get a copy of your file to test with.


Thanks. I’ll try again.

One thing I didn’t do at the time was “turn it off and turn it back on again” which is like Troubleshooting 101.

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With issues like this the following info would be very helpful:

  • Software used:
    • RDWorks or LightBurn?
  • Relevant settings:
    • Speed, Power, etc.
    • Or a copy of the project file with all the settings saved
  • Method of running the file:
    • Did you use the start button in the software, or did you upload it and run it from the control panel?
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Right on. Next time I have a glitch I’ll collect all that info.

Next time I use Luigi I’m going to take your advice about running the burn from Luigi’s control panel rather than going over the USB cable. Thanks Christian!

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