Luigi max output power reduced

Hey, just wanted to let everyone know that the power supply on Luigi was adjusted last night. The max power was set too high so it has been reduced to preserve the lifespan of the tube. You may need to adjust your power setting if you have something configured based on how it was originally set. I’d recommend running a test cut to make sure everything still comes out right.


The power wont even come on.

The machine or just the laser?

The breaker was shut down. I got it going.

Woops, that’s my bad. I must have forgotten to reset it after I finished putting the power supply back in.

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@Christian the fan shut off about 20 seconds before my job was complete. I shut the power down to the laser and turned it back on, but the fan wont come back on.

The temporary work around is to turn both lasers power on, so that both vent fans run.

Christian is going to look at fixing it after he is finished with the class he is teaching.

Mike B

Can you be more specific about how much the power was reduced so I can get a sense of scale?

@kim I cut a couple things at 50 power and 25 speed and it looked excellent.

The fan controller has been fixed.

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After talking with Zac it seems I had incorrect info on where the power supply should be set. I’m going to go back in later today or tomorrow and re-adjust it. Once I’m done It will still have the same range it did before (maxed at 24ma) but I’m going to remove the software cap that currently clamps the max output at 65%. So the new values should be about 1.5 times (or 100/65ths) the old value. So if you usually would cut at 20%, you would need to use 30% to get the same power. I’ll post this on the machine as well.

I’ll probably adjust Mario at the same time. I’ll post the conversion for that as well once I check how that one is currently set up. This should hopefully give us pretty comparable power settings between the two machines.

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Power output has been adjusted for both lasers. For Luigi you should be able to multiply your old setting by 1.5 to get the same power output. For Mario you should multiply your old power setting by 0.75. I would recommend a test to confirm. This has been posted on the machines and their computers.